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9 months ago

Clarification regarding the problem statement.

Hello everyone,
Thank you for registering for Dackathon. We hope you have fun along the way.
There was previously an issue in the link provided for the problem statement in the last mail. We apologize for the inconvenience caused. Here is the new link for the problem statement: 

Also sending the problem statement here for everyone who might face issues accessing the link:

Requirement :  


  • Create an order management solution for Crypto Assets


Product Use case :  


  • The platform should be integrated with large Centralized Exchanges (CEX) and also be able to place trade in Decentralised Exchanges (DEX). Basis the rules which are controlled from front end it should be able to trigger purchase or sell orders with lowest slippage across exchanges.  


Expectations from the system :  


  • Integrated with large CEX and DEX 

  • Able to consume technical signals from 3rd party API sources like trading view OR be able to impute few key technical signals like 

  • RSI 

  • MACD 

  • Support and Resistance Levels 

  • Able to place buy and sell orders across exchanges with lowest price or highest price 

  • Mask order book. Example if required quantity is 1000 tokens it should appear in order book that only 100 orders are being place – Not mandatory 

  • Show position across exchanges.

Sample API’s / Tools to look at:

Happy learning!